Hi, I'm Anthony...


I'm a software developer & music nerd, with a penchant for terrible movies.

I'm currently learning about accessible design; if you have any advice or find problems with my work, please reach out and let me know via Twitter.

The code for this site is available on it's GitHub repo.
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About me...

At a fundamental level, I am passionate about code quality and maintainability; having worked on projects that lack this, I understand the value of minimal & well-organised code.

From a design perspective, I care about effective & accessible user experiences. It is vital that applications are usable by people with different needs, but this does not mean compromises need to be made on aesthetics.

It is the responsibility of everybody to be actively anti-fascist & support marginalised groups.


I've written a few articles to provide support where I thought it was lacking.

Talk to me about:

  • Ruby on Rails,

  • React, &

  • Flutter.


I use Write.as to host these. Visit my blog there to read them: